Manav Parekh


I am Manav Parekh. I write about technologies, Linux, Open source, VMware and much more. Well, I am Redhat Certified System Administrator [RHCSA] on Redhat Enterprise Linux 7. Also, VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization [VCA-DCV, Version. 6].

Before starting blog, I was keeping notes in One Note. There is a line in Hindi “ज्ञान बांटने से बढ़ता है” then I decided to make them public and made a blog where I write about unusual things I learned, How-tos, Linux Distros, Tips and Tricks, Useful Linux Softwares, Open Source technologies, etc.

In my free time, I enjoy street photography. You can see few of my images in gallery section of this site. Light painting and long exposures are my favourite photography genere.